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Are CEOs Overpaid? 08/15/2017
by Moody Adams
What about the top 10 athletes and celebrities averaging $116 million a year by Moody Adams
Economist Walter Williams answers complaints about high paid people making so much money. He says they deserve what they make or they wouldn’t be making it. >>MORE

Why God Allows Evil in the World 08/15/2017
by Moody Adams
God did not create puppets. He created man with a free will. But man chose to turn against the only thing
God forbid. He chose to obey Satan instead of God. Man created evil when he chose to follow the rebellious angel Lucifer. Thus evil came to earth and man lost his paradise. If God had not given them free will, He could have never been loved. >>MORE

How to Respond to Nazis and Other Racists 08/15/2017
Jim Denison | Denison Forum on Truth and Culture
What biblical truths should guide us as we respond to the rising racism and Nazism of our day? God made only one race—the human race. >>MORE

Breaking Church-Growth Barriers: Build A Bigger Leadership Table 08/15/2017
Ed Stetzer
The typical church in the United States has fewer than 100 people in weekly attendance. One of the reasons is that in order to go beyond that number, we must move from relational connection to systems connection. When we are under 100, discipleship influence is exerted through direct relationships. When we pass the 100 mark, if we don’t transition to a discipleship system that can be successful without a direct relationship to the senior leader, it’ll ultimately fail. >>MORE

U.S. psychology group bends to ‘gay’ activists 08/08/2017
The American Psychological Association,
which claims
it is “the largest association of psychologists worldwide” with more than 150,000 members,... announced it was endorsing homosexual “marriage.” (Remember when they declared homosexuality was a 'mental illness.')


Many believers will discover they are guilty of things they never heard were wrong. God will wink at this, but after learning what the Bible says, they must repent and accept God's cleansing and power of deliverance.

President Obama is fulfilling 10 ancient prophicies. While many people are shocked by his policies, they are what Bible prophecies foretold was to happen in earth’s last days.

There are three clear signs that a nation has forsaken God and is in crisis. The Lord established these three institutions; the family, the church and the government. When a country forsakes God, all three deteriorate. This was clear in Israel after the death of Joshua. It is obvious today in the Western World.

God has become a non-essential in modern American thought. Science, government, economics, psychology and education are regarded as the pillars of our society. The thesis of this book is: America, as a free society, cannot survive without religious faith.

The Koran With Commentary