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God's way of dealing with Patterson 06/03/2018
Moody Adams
The problem was they ignored the Bible's instructions in how to deal with it.
First, they should have had a trial, with witnesses,
to put the man out of the church. Instead, they just took away
Patterson's job, his reputation and his housing.


Some Wonderful Thiings About Old Age 06/03/2018
Moody Adams
Seniors are provided with air conditioning free. >>MORE

The Testimony of a Family Member of Jesus 06/03/2018
Moody Adams
To Christians one of the greatest evidences of life beyond the grave was the change in Jesus’ half-brother James. James did not believe in Christ: Neither did his brethren believe in Him (John 7:3). But after the resurrection James not only believed, he became the pastor of the church in Jerusalem. >>MORE

Prison Officer Receives Salvation 06/01/2018
Moody Adams
Director Ronnie reports In 2009 I was working in Sironko district as a prisons officer, I got salvation when Pastor Gaula David preached to me. >>MORE

Paige Patterson Fired by Southwestern Seninary, Stripped of Retirement Benefits 06/01/2018
Christianity Today
Last Tuesday, a former SWBTS graduate student told The Washington Post that after she reported her rape to Patterson and fellow seminary officials in 2003, they failed to notify authorities and the former president encouraged her to forgive the perpetrator. Patterson did not respond to the claims >>MORE


Many believers will discover they are guilty of things they never heard were wrong. God will wink at this, but after learning what the Bible says, they must repent and accept God's cleansing and power of deliverance.

President Obama is fulfilling 10 ancient prophicies. While many people are shocked by his policies, they are what Bible prophecies foretold was to happen in earth’s last days.

There are three clear signs that a nation has forsaken God and is in crisis. The Lord established these three institutions; the family, the church and the government. When a country forsakes God, all three deteriorate. This was clear in Israel after the death of Joshua. It is obvious today in the Western World.

God has become a non-essential in modern American thought. Science, government, economics, psychology and education are regarded as the pillars of our society. The thesis of this book is: America, as a free society, cannot survive without religious faith.

The Koran With Commentary