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Muslim Births Projected to Outnumber Christian Births Globally by 2035 05/23/2017
Pew Research Center
Within 20 years, the number of Muslim babies being born is expected to surpass Christian births >>MORE

South Sudan: Refugees Flee From Conflict and Hunger 05/23/2017
Delphine Mugisha, Programme Director, CARE International in Uganda
"One of them was disabled. She had crossed the border into Uganda with her baby and told me that her husband was murdered in front of them." >>MORE

Ariana Grande Concert Attack: ISIS Praises Suicide Bomber Salman Abedi 05/23/2017
Moody Adams
ISIS has praised Salman Abedi, the suspected Islamic extremist who carried out a deadly terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande in Manchester, England, and warned of future "more severe on the worshipers of the Cross and their allies." >>MORE

A day to Memorialize and Decorate the Graves of all who Have Fallen in Wars,” 05/23/2017
For love of country they accepted death, and thus resolved all doubts, and made immortal their patriotism and their virtue.” – James A. Garfield

The Bible: The Book That Made America 05/17/2017
the Bible continued to hold a place of reverence in American culture. Most Americans of the age were intimately familiar with the Bible not only because of its place in religious life but also because it had been critical in their general education. Many Americans of this generation learned to read with a Bible opened in front of them. The Bible, in short, shaped significant aspects of American public culture, including language, letters, arts, education, and law. >>MORE


Many believers will discover they are guilty of things they never heard were wrong. God will wink at this, but after learning what the Bible says, they must repent and accept God's cleansing and power of deliverance.

President Obama is fulfilling 10 ancient prophicies. While many people are shocked by his policies, they are what Bible prophecies foretold was to happen in earth’s last days.

There are three clear signs that a nation has forsaken God and is in crisis. The Lord established these three institutions; the family, the church and the government. When a country forsakes God, all three deteriorate. This was clear in Israel after the death of Joshua. It is obvious today in the Western World.

God has become a non-essential in modern American thought. Science, government, economics, psychology and education are regarded as the pillars of our society. The thesis of this book is: America, as a free society, cannot survive without religious faith.

The Koran With Commentary