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'Stone Killer' Became Prison Missionary 03/20/2017
By Moody Adams
Ten years ago Donald “Carolina” Biermann was part of “Angola (prison) at its worst,” Louisiana State Penitentiary Warden Burl Cain said. He had been imprisoned in three states and was in Angola for manslaughter. >>MORE

Disney’s ‘Gay Moment’ Unwelcome in Some Countries 03/20/2017
Kiley Crossland | WORLD News Service
Disney’s decision to include an “exclusively gay moment” in its new film Beauty and the Beast continues to cause an uproar, most notably overseas. >>MORE

Church Weddings Hit Historic Low 03/20/2017
By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter
The number of Anglican church weddings in England and Wales has fallen to a historical low, with more people choosing to have civil weddings, statistics show. >>MORE

My Response to ‘A Day Without a Woman’ 03/14/2017
Jim Denison
If you’re wondering whether the Bible endorses the value of women, look no further than its first chapter. Genesis 1:27 contains this well-known revelation: “God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him.” But here’s the lesser-known way the verse ends: “male and female he created them.” Women are created in God’s image just as fully as men. They are just as valuable to their Father. They are just as significant to his Kingdom. >>MORE

The Resurrection Is Reasonable 03/14/2017
Moody Adams
Wise Socrates said, “All men’s souls are immortal.” He was moved to drink the poison hemlock because he thought he would meet the friends who had gone on before. Rome’s orator, Cicero said, “When I consider the wonderful activity of the mind...I believe and am firmly persuaded that a nature which contains so many things within itself cannot but be immortal.” Homer the Great tells of Ulysses meeting his mother in the spirit world and recognizing her. Virgil represents Aeneas as meeting with his friends over there and talking with them. >>MORE


Many believers will discover they are guilty of things they never heard were wrong. God will wink at this, but after learning what the Bible says, they must repent and accept God's cleansing and power of deliverance.

President Obama is fulfilling 10 ancient prophicies. While many people are shocked by his policies, they are what Bible prophecies foretold was to happen in earth’s last days.

There are three clear signs that a nation has forsaken God and is in crisis. The Lord established these three institutions; the family, the church and the government. When a country forsakes God, all three deteriorate. This was clear in Israel after the death of Joshua. It is obvious today in the Western World.

God has become a non-essential in modern American thought. Science, government, economics, psychology and education are regarded as the pillars of our society. The thesis of this book is: America, as a free society, cannot survive without religious faith.

The Koran With Commentary