Two Olympians Will Receive Awards For Christian Character 07/27/2012

Two decorated Olympians will be honored with the prestigious Eric Liddell Award – named after the gold medalist Olympian who afterwards became a missionary to China – for outstanding character on and off the field.

Bryan Clay of the United States and Debbie Flood of Great Britain, both Olympic medal winners, are making the awards.

The Christian Post writes, “Liddell was born in China to Scottish missionary parents and was famously known as the "man who wouldn't run on Sunday" for refusing to run the 100 meters, his best event, at the 1924 Paris Olympics because it was held on the Christian Sabbath.

“Instead, he ran the 400 meters, an event he was not expected to win. Before he ran, someone slipped him a paper with the verse 1 Samuel 2:30: "Those who honor me, I will honor." Not only did Liddell win the race and earn himself a gold medal, he broke the world record at the time.”

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