An Electromagnetic “Electronic Armageddon” Could be the End of America 08/07/2012

by Moody Adams
In a report written by the Congressional EMP commission, a one megaton nuclear device detonated about 500 kilometers in the atmosphere would lay down an EMP blanket over the entire United States. The country would experience approximately 10-kilovolts per meter of electrical field strength. This would damage electronic devices immediately and kill most people within a few months.

That amount of energy would be enough to cause substantial damage to unprotected electronics in both civilian and military equipment. It would knock out our electricity and render our military forces inoperable.

The Congressionally chartered Task Force on National & Homeland Security (FNHS) will be holding a nationwide webcast on The Electronic Armageddon: EMP. There is a distinguished panel of experts, new videos and a discussion of solutions for addressing both man-made and natural threats.

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