Son of Sam Killer Finds Peach With God 08/14/2012

by Moody Adams
The "Son of Sam" killer, aka David Berkowitz, says "God has given me peace about my situation,"
reports Sami K. Martin, in the Christian Post.

Berkowitz has said that he prays for his victims and fully believes in God now. This is a miraculous change from the man he used to be.

"I have regrets about all the people I hurt, about what my life would have been like. I missed out on a lot." Berkowitz confesses.

"Berkowitz shot 13 people, killing six, during a blackout in New York City. He terrorized the city and became known as the "Son of Sam" after he sent a letter to the New York Police Department.

He says about that time in his life he was "lost, tormented and confused. I have more regrets than words can say," he explained. "I continue to pray for the victims of my crimes. I do wish them the best in life. But I'm sure the pain will never end for them. I regret that."

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