Homosexuals Have closed Chick-Fil-As on 40 College Campuses 08/14/2012

by Beth Moore
Most of you have probably heard about the issues going on with Chick-Fil-A and the "anti-gay" controversy. Because CFA is one of Keith's clients, he has asked me to share some info that you may not be aware of. This whole issue started on the college campus and that is what is being affected. Keith is responsible for all non traditional stores. (college campus, hospitals, malls, airports, etc.)

The media has distorted and flat out lied about what Dan Cathy said in his interview. As a result the gay community is working overtime to damage CFA. This hit the media last Wednesday and Monday of this week 33 college campus locations have called to close their CFA stores. As of this morning the number is up to 40. Two universities will literally be closing by tomorrow. Three critical ones are Penn State, University of Louisville, and St Louis University.

Keith feels that since most people don't know about all the college stores, the general public doesn't see the gays as doing much damage, nor are they aware of how CHRISTIANS can help CFA.

Tell as many people as you know to get in touch with the Mike Huckaby Show and ask him to air on his show how the colleges are being attacked and suggest that he encourage the christian students to start petitions to keep their stores open.

They need to go to the presidents of their college and make their voices heard. Most students don't even know that their CFA on campus is being affected.

I am amazed at the "QUICK" organization of the gay community and their power to PRESSURE college presidents to remove the stores.

You can go to the CFA website to get a list of all the college campus locations; there are about 180 stores.

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