Pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Ind. Dismissed 08/14/2012

by Moody Adams
“First Baptist Church of Hammond in Indiana has become more united than ever in the wake of Pastor Jack Schaap's dismissal,” a spokesman for the church told The Christian Post.

The church community was rocked recently by Schaap's dismissal, which came about following his admission of adultery with a young teenager. The quick action by the church has allowed its members to come together during the difficult time.

"People are very pleased at how fast our deacon board acted in the dismissal of our former pastor. Seems like that has helped them, the fact that they made the right choice and they are very open," said Eddie Wilson, a church spokesperson.

Last week, the church's board of deacons revealed that Schaap, 54, had admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with a school girl who is currently 17. Schaap had led the 15,000-member congregation for the past 11 years, and has not yet made a public comment since the FBI launched an investigation into his relationship.

Since the girl was 16 when the affair started, she was over the legal age of consent.

Schaap had forgotten his phone one night on the pulpit, and a deacon who saw it picked it up to return it to the pastor.
"The deacon then saw a text come through from a teenage girl in the church, and it was a picture of the pastor and this girl making out," Trisha Kae says.

Schaap is trying to reconcile his marriage to Cindy Schaap, the daughter of the Rev. Jack Hyles, who built First Baptist Church.

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