SC Church Has 1,251 Salvation Decisions in One Weekend 09/04/2012

by Moody Adams
“South Carolina Pastor Perry Noble didn't make the bold goal of seeing 3,000 people receive Christ in one weekend,” reports Lillian Kwon of the Christian Post. “Though he didn't reach that number, he's celebrating 1,251 salvations.”

"Some may be wondering, 'we were asking God to save 3,000 and we saw 1,251 people saved, so, are you disappointed?' ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I'm PUMPED, OUT OF MY MIND & MORE EXCITED THAN EVER!!!" Noble, lead pastor of NewSpring Church, wrote in a blog post.

Motivated by the book of Acts, which tells of 3,000 being saved in one day, they prayed for God to do it again in the NewSpring Church.

The subject of Noble's sermon was "The Cross."

"If you've been hit by the Gospel, there's some sort of evidence in your life. I'm not saying you're perfect ... but to say that you met Jesus but you've never changed, that's a dangerous place to be because you can't meet Jesus and stay the same," he said.

This year, NewSpring, which draws around 18,000 people every weekend – has seen 4,015 salvations.

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