African Christians now Outnumber Muslims in Africa 09/25/2012

African Christians now outnumber Muslims in Africa, according to figures from the Center for Studies of New Religions (CESNUR).

Christians now makeup 46.5% of the African population, with Muslims having only 40.5%.

Christians in African now represent twenty percent of the world’s Christian population. Current trends suggest that in 10 years Africa will outstrip Europe and the Americas to become the continent with the world’s largest Christian population.

Six years ago we started our Bible Skills Institutes in Africa to train native leaders the Muslims had a plan to have a mosque in walking distance from Cairo to South Africa. We marvel at the work our students have done, starting 2,200 new churches and winning nearly 200,000 to Christ. Many of their converts have been Muslims.

This is amazing Islam. They had a plan to take over the entire continent. It has failed miserably.

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