Floyd Maywather bet $3 Million on a Football Game--and Lost 10/23/2012

by Moody Adams, From his new book "Sinning Saints"

Boxer Floyd Maywather lost $3 million betting on a single football game. The boxing champ, who has a passion for gambling, bet $3 million on the game between the University of Michigan and Alabama. According to Media Take Out, Floyd placed a bet that Michigan would win or lose by less than 15 points- however, he guessed wrong and lost $3 million after Alabama defeated Michigan 41-14. Mayweather can whip opponents in the ring, but he cannot whip the covetousness that drives him to get more and more money.

"Gambling is the entertainment growth industry in this country. Before the late-1980s, legalized casinos existed in Nevada and Atlantic City. Today, 37 states plus the District of Columbia operate lotteries, and 48 states have some form of legalized gambling," writes Eric Olsen.

Nobody can make sin look as lovely as the gambling industry can. They use neon lights, exciting sounds and synthetic casinos fronts. But, their backyard is filled with broken homes and dead men's bones.

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