A Real Witch Became a Real Christian 10/30/2012

Alex Murashko , Christian Post Reporter
Tower, a former witch who became a Christian, shares that it was her realization of how intensely God loves her that saved her from the life of a Wiccan practitioner.

Tower explains, My former pastor invited me to church to speak with an ex-occultist who was visiting. I had been ex-communicated from the church so I accepted only out of spite. I was happy with my Wiccan lifestyle and had no desire for the Christian God. Despite the fact that the woman didn't show, I found myself exhausted and overwhelmed in tears throughout the service. Perplexed by my reaction I asked if I could visit again not expecting I would be invited back the day after the Samhain Witch's Ball.

I almost didn't get out of bed but was determined to prove the same thing wouldn't happen again, especially since I was still charged with energy from the night before. Instead God had something to prove to me as He swept me off my feet and saturated me with love beyond words. That encounter was the beginning of my difficult journey back yet, His grace sustained me through it all.

For complete article: http://www.christianpost.com/news/halloween-season-former-witch-on-breaking-from-the-coven-part-2-84138/

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