Crystal Cathedral: Schulers Suing Their Church for $5 Million 11/13/2012

by Moody Adams
The Rev. Robert H. Schuller has been an inspiring Christian voice is now suing the church he started.

He started the Crystal Cathedral and built it into a national icon. His lifetime mesage of positive thinking is being discredited by his actions of negativity.

Schuller was paying laarge salaries and expense benefits to members of his family, even while the church was going bankrupt. And now he is suing the church for $5 million. This is holding up payment to the churches creditors who have waited since 2010 for their money.

Schuler's message was one of positive thinking rather than the gospel that Jesus died to save us from hell. He tried to turn the ministry over to his son. That did not work, because Schuller said he was preaching "too much Bible."

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