Syria's Civil War a Cover for Killing Christians? 12/06/2012

Michael Carl in WND
“A pair of car bombs that killed 38 people and reportedly injured 83 more in the mostly Christian and Druze town of Jaramana, Syria, has led some to allege the rebels are using the civil war to cover a more sinister campaign of slaughtering Christians, reports Michael Carl in WND. “The Christian group Open Doors USA reports the Syrian government is placing the blame for the attack on “terrorists” although residents of the Damascus suburb haven’t joined the fighting on either side.”

Religious Freedom Coalition President William Murray says two Christian victims were associated with his cooperating organization in Syria, which distributes aid.

The victims were not soldiers, he said, but civilians from the same neighborhood, “So they were all probably Christians.”
“The Islamist rebels invaded Christian neighborhoods to force government troops to destroy homes there,” Murray said. “They want the government troops to shell the neighborhoods in an effort to recapture it.”

Murray said this is a familiar strategy, “I have seen this tactic in the so-called West Bank during the Intifada,” he said. “Muslims would fire mortars from a Christian neighborhood to draw Israeli fire there. This is a win-win for the Islamist rebels supplied by Turkey. Syrian government troops can be fired on, and Christian homes get destroyed.”

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