Is America Dying From Self-inflicted Wounds? 01/02/2013

As lawmakers try to find a last-minute deal to avert the "fiscal cliff," the chamber's chaplain, the Rev. Barry C. Black, pleaded with God on Sunday to help Congress "save us from self-inflicted wounds," reports the Washington Times.
God’s chosen nation, Israel, died from self-inflicted wounds.
“O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself …” (Hosea 13:9).

Israel turned to the worship of stone gods. All of which are just a different form of idols. A TV show with entertainers is even called American Idol!

The passage from Hosea does hold out only one hope, “but in me is thine help.” It is hard, but if this pagan nation would turn back to loving and obeying God, there is still a hope.

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