Now The Blind Can Read the Bible in Uganda 02/25/2013

Uganda: The Blind Can Now See the Bible
But, during the launch of the Braille Bible by the Bible Society of Uganda last week, it was clear that to the blind, Braille is everything. The launch was at the National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (Nudipu) offices in Kampala.
For several years now, there was no complete Bible written using Braille to spiritually cater for the blind. But with a full Bible now, Emmanuel Turinawe, the project coordinator at the Bible Society, believes many will not only use the Bible as a reference material, but also to encourage them to start up their own churches. Braille enables blind people to read with their fingers.
It is 22 years now since Esther Kyozira, the programmes manager at Nudipu, lost her sight. With the Braille Bible, Kyozira like many visually-impaired persons hopes to access information easily and read the Bible at the same level with others. She also trusts she will read scriptures often in her church on Sunday, at Kireka rehabilitation centre.

"I have always been depending on my sighted friends and that means I listened carefully and interpreted what they read. All this will be no more, because I will feel the reading myself," Kyozira said.

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