Explosion Rocks Iran Nuclear Facility 03/11/2013

"The European intelligence community and the U.S. government have received corroboration that explosions rocked Iranís nuclear facility at Fordow, but are unclear if they were due to mechanical failure or sabotage, WND reports.

"The Jan. 21 explosions killed at least 76 people and injured scores more, said one source, who later told WND that many rescue and security personnel were sickened by radiation poisoning in the aftermath of the disaster.

The Muslim terrorists have learned a new way to wage war by sabotage attacks. Are we learning from them? Could the explosion be a U.S. or Israeli attack?

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/03/iran-nuke-site-blasts-confirmed-sabotage-suspected/#IVUQIEZYRtP8mUrc.99

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