The man Responsible for Hollywood Getting Religion 04/02/2013

The Bible, the five-part, 10-hour miniseries on History, which aired its final episode Sunday, has become the biggest cable television hit of the year. It brought in almost 13 million viewers the first night and consistently garnered 10 million viewers each episode. It even regularly beat AMC’s top-rated Sunday-night series The Walking Dead. A key to the show’s success is a man who went to Hollywood with hopes of making it as a sitcom writer. Instead, he became the spiritual bridge between the entertainment industry and the tens of millions of evangelicals in the U.S.

A transition began with Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, but Hollywood had nothing to follow up with until Jonathan Bock came along. He is the man who helped convert Hollywood and the producer of the Bible Series..

Jonathan Bock, the founder and president of Grace Hill Media, a public-relations and marketing firm that acts as a middleman between Hollywood and the country’s faithful. “I sit on a funny fence,” says Bock, who advises movie execs on religious content, helps market those films and reaches out to the Christian community through churches, religious organizations and media outlets. “I help these two worlds that don’t often intersect understand each other and help them realize that they can be of great benefit to one another.”

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