Media Encourages Elderly to Commit Suicide 04/15/2013

by Moody Adams
The media have become pro suicide. You see this all the time, now. When elderly, disabled, or ill people kill themselves, reports depict the deed as empowering or laudable exercises in personal autonomy” (Wesley J. Smith | Washington, DC |

The media put a positive spin on the story of an elderly woman–who announced ahead of time she was going to kill herself–and then did. (From The Age’s story, ”Rational suicide: Why Beverley Broadbent Chose to Die).

Beverley Broadbent wasn’t dying of a terminal illness. She was not depressed or even unhappy. The 83 year old said, ’’I look well and I walk well so people think I’m fine. But I have so many thingss wrong with me, The balance is gone. It’s taking so much time for me to keep fit to enjoy myself that there’s not enough time to enjoy myself.’’
She did several interviews with the media discussing her suicide.

If you have any doubt that our generation has lost respect for a human life, this should remove it. It started with abortion and it is now working on euthanasia.

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