Is U.S Military Becoming Anti-Christian? 04/30/2013

Todd Starnes’ list of “recent military missteps”:

• A Fort Leavenworth War Games scenario identified Christian and evangelical groups as potential threats;

• A 2009 Department of Homeland Security memo identified evangelicals and pro-life groups as potential threats to national security;

• The U.S. Military Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center released a study linking pro-lifers to terrorism;

• Evangelical leader Franklin Graham was uninvited from the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer service;

• At the National Cemetery in Houston, Christian prayers were prohibited at the funeral services for military veterans;

• Distribution of Bibles was banned for a time at Walter Reed Army Medical Center

• Christian crosses and a steeple were removed from a chapel in Afghanistan because the military said the icons disrespected other religions;

• Catholic chaplains were prohibited from reading a letter to parishioners from their archbishop regarding the Obama HHS mandate.

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