A Christian Response to Judge Moore Allegations 11/14/2017

Michael Brown: 'We hold our standards high, but we do not condemn without evidence'
to the charges against Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore? In light of the recent flood of sexual scandals, itís easy to understand why many Republicans want to distance themselves from Moore. God forbid they seem to be indifferent to serious sexual indiscretions, especially when a 14-year-old is the alleged victim. Yet, Moore has many political enemies, and these allegations are just now surfacing after 40 years. Could it be a political hit job?

If Moore is guilty of the charges, we should not support him and he should drop out of the race. This is not only because of what he allegedly did, but because he is lying about it today,

But herein lies the problem. These charges remain only allegations, and there are valid reasons to question their validity.

Why are they only surfacing now? Is it because women are now feeling empowered to come forward and call out their accusers, or is it a political ruse? And how did Moore survive being vetted for the Supreme Court of Alabama, ultimately becoming chief justice, without any of this alleged immoral and illegal behavior being discovered? How did he even survive the tens of millions of dollars spent to defeat him in the recent primaries without this surfacing?

When it comes to Roy Moore, he is being supported as an overtly Christian, staunchly conservative candidate with high moral principles, and should he be lying now about his ugly past, he would not be worthy of our support.

In light of this, I believe an ethically consistent, conservative Christian position is that: 1) We agree that if the charges are true, he should step aside, regardless of the political ramifications. But: 2) We view him as innocent until proven guilty, hoping and praying that the truth will come to light before itís time to vote.

So, we hold our standards high, but we do not condemn without evidence. This seems quite straightforward to me.

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