City Pays up for Abusing Christians Rights 05/07/2013

by Moody Adams
Dearborn, Michigan is becoming as radical a Muslim city as those in the Middle East. But, they just suffered a setback.

“The Christians were arrested in 2010 by city authorities for preaching peacefully to Muslims at the city festival. Christian missionaries Nabell Qureshi, David Wood and Paul Rezkalla were jailed by the city June 18, 2010, and charged with ‘breach of the peace,’” reposrts Bob Unruh of WND.

The city of Dearborn, Mich., has agreed to pay these Christians and put an apology on their web site that will remain online for years.

A federal judge had ruled that the Christians can sue the Arab Chamber of Commerce.

I provided Dearborn churches with my 'Koran With Commentary' to distribute throughout Dearborn.

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