Conservative Fundamentalism Versus Moderate Liberalism 05/14/2013

Conservative Fundamentalism versus Moderate Liberalism
Charles Spain ( The Baptist Banner Vol. III, No. 8, December 1990)

The basic difference between those who consider themselves conservative and those who classify themselves moderate or liberal is that the conservatives believe the entire Bible from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 is the very, inspired Word of God without any error. Therefore it is the inerrant (without error), infallible Word of God.

On the other hand the liberal position is that the Bible contains the Word of God but all of the Bible is not the Word of God. That is, parts of the Bible are God's Word, but through the centuries other parts were injected by man and are, therefore, not the inspired Word of God. Every man is left to his own wisdom and intelligence to decide which parts are man-injected and which parts are God's. Therefore every man is an authority within himself in determining which words are God's and which words are man's.

I, personally, believe that all of the Bible is the very Word of God. I have accepted it as God's handbook for my soul and the foundation for all matters in my life, my faith, and my practice. I accept it as very truth.

Now there are many passages that I do not understand and could doubt, but when I realize I am finite and God is infinite, I accept, through humble faith, every word.

On the basis of my absolute dependence on the Bible to guide and direct my life, if I believed that any part of the Bible was not the inspired, inerrant Word of God, I would feel that I could not rely on any of it because I am not wise enough or intelligent enough to differentiate between that which is inspired and that which is not.

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