Will Sex With Children be Next? 07/01/2013

“Next on the slippery slope of morals? The legalization of adult-child sexual relations and marriages. It can never happen here? Want to bet on it? I am sure NAMBLA (The sex with children organization) would drool at the prospects of being able to sexually violate children with the States blessing,” writes blogger stAnotherJoe10.

“Slippery slope of morals” aptly describes what happens when a people reject any absolute morals. America once bowed to Biblical morality. Now the 10 Commandments are being removed from public view and from the hearts of people.

The people of California voted against same-sex marriage, but 5 Supreme Court members overrode the will of the people?

It will get worse and worse. There will be more crime. If the laws are merely a matter of somebody's opinion, then why obey them? Why not allow adult-child sex? Why not allow polygamy? Why not allow sex with animals? There are no more absolutes, just personal opinions.

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