America "the Hardest Mission Field" 07/02/2013

By Michael Gryboski
Four Presbyterian churches in New Jersey will be holding a lecture series about how the United States has become the "hardest mission field."

The Delaware Valley Summer Institute will sponsor the four-night event, titled "America After Christendom: The Hardest Mission Field", on August 11-14. Dr. Darrell Guder, professor of missional and ecumenical theology at Princeton Seminary, will lead the events' presentations.

Regarding this year's topic about America as the hardest mission field, Rev. Kenneth Good, pastor at Stockton Presbyterian, told CP that he believed a major factor for this was American materialism. "I think America can be a difficult mission field because of material abundance. We currently have a member doing bomb retrieval work in Laos," said Good. "The people he interacts with have much less than the average citizen here, and yet they have more simplicity and peace. We have so much, and sometimes that stuff (whether possessions or experiences) can get in the way of what is most important."

For Aug. 11, Lambertville Presbyterian will host "Western Christendom: Fact and Fiction"; Titusville Presbyterian will host "Strangers and Aliens: The Original Strategy of the Christian Movement" on Aug. 12; Stockton Presbyterian will host "How and Why Christendom Is Ending" on Aug. 13; and Mt. Airy Presbyterian will host the final night's presentation, "America, the Hardest Mission Field" on the final day.

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