Christians are the Big Losers in Syria 07/09/2013

Due to the insurgents victories in Syria, Christians are terrified that they may not long be able to practice their religion. (as reported by ‘Christian Headlines.’).

They are terrified by the Islamist militias and fear that in the event of their victory they would no longer be able to practice their religion. An Imam is calling for Muslims to to kill anyone who does not practice the religion of the Prophet Muhammad.

By the kidnapping of Archbishop Paul Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Yohanna Ibrahim they have published that no Christian is safe. America is sending arms to the Syrian rebels responsible for the slaughter.

Here are a few of the many examples of attacks on Syrian Christians:

Syrian Orthodox parish priest Father Fadi Haddad was kidnapped last December A week later, Fr. Haddad’s mutilated corpse was found by the roadside, with his eyes gouged out.

Yohannes A. (whose last name has been redacted by Fides to protect his family) was on a bus stopped by Muslims. When they found a cross around his neck, one of the terrorists shot point blank at the cross, tearing open the man’s chest.

A woman from Hassake told a Swedish journalist how her husband and son were shot in the head by Islamists. “Our only crime is being Christians,” she answers, when asked if there had been a dispute.

18-year-old Gabriel fled with his family from Hassake after his father was shot for having a crucifix hanging from his car’s rear-view mirror.

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