Dying Saint Inspired the Hymn 'Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus' 07/09/2013

by Moody Adams
Tim Challies told the insiring story behind the popular hymn ‘Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus.’

In 1958 there was a powerful revival sweeping Phidelphia, led by Rev. Dudley Tyng.
One day he went into the barn where he had a mule grinding corn. He was caught in the machinery, lost an arm and died a week later.

Friends asked him if he had a message for the revival Christians. As he was slipping toward death, Tyng responded briefly, beginning with the words, “Tell them, ‘Let us all stand up for Jesus.’”

Rev. George Duffield, Jr. preached to his own congregation the next week. He concluded his sermon with a hymn he had written. It began with the line, “Stand up, stand up for Jesus.”

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