NAACP Leader Said Trayvon Martin had a 'Shaky' Past. 07/16/2013

Tristan Breaux, the president of the NAACP in Norfolk, Va., made the unforgiveable mistake of telling the truth. He said that Trayvon Martin had a “shaky” past. And he even admonished the membership to react “logically, not racially” to the verdict, reported Colin Flaherty of WND.

Did Breaux tell the truth?

Twitter, Facebook, and toxicology tests have established Trayvon’s long and enthusiastic acquaintance with marijuana and codeine. Jack Cashill, of the American Thinker said, On June 27, 2011, "Trayvon told a friend that 'robitussin and soda' could make “some fire, a* lean.” He says, “I had it before” and that he wants “to make some more.” On the night of February 26, if there was some Robitussin at home, Trayvon had just bought some mixings for one “fire a** lean” cocktail."

The Daily Mail did a story about how Trayvon was suspended from school three times for fighting, drug abuse, and vandalism.

The officer reported he found women’s jewelry and a screwdriver that he described as a “burglary tool,” according to a Miami-Dade Schools Police report obtained by The Miami Herald. His backpack contained 12 pieces of jewelry, in addition to a watch.

Trayvon was not disciplined because of the discovery, but was instead suspended for writing vulgar graffiti on his school wall. Trayvon was shot while on suspension from high school.


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