Keeping Secrets From Your Mate can be Very Expensive 07/23/2013

“Thousands of dollars were found inside of a refrigerator that a man brought to Atlantic Recycling in Ozone Park,” reports CBS in New York. “What the man apparently did not know was that his wife had stashed the couple’s life savings inside of the appliance.”

When she visited a junk yard in search of the money, a worker told her it would be impossible to find. One of the workers looked for the fridge and found it.

“Sure enough the fridge was there. The only thing in the fridge was her money, exactly where she said it was,” the worker told CBS 2, “In this heat I worry about her getting stressed out over losing that money.”

The TV station said, “Only the rightful owner can claim the cash as it was packaged in a way that only they could describe.”

Secrets in a family can prove very expensive.

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