The Story of two Royal Babies 07/23/2013

Englandís new royal baby was announced about 8 months before his birth. Jesus was announced four thousand years before His birth.

Englandís new royal baby was born to worldwide celebrities. Jesus Christ was born to common people.

Kate probably rode to the hospital in a half-million dollar vehicle. Jesusí mother Mary rode to the place she would give birth on a donkey.

Englandís royal child was born in a most expensive hospital, where an entire floor was reserved. Jesus was born among animals in a manger.

Kateís child will live amidst fame and fortune. Jesus lived amidst threats and hatred.

Kateís child appears destined to rule over a dimishing British Empire. Maryís child is destined to rule over a Universal Empire.

The British royal child will some day die. Jesus lives forever.

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