6 Reasons Men and Women Are Drawn to Porn 08/06/2013

by Christian Post Guest Voices
In his fantastic book, Closing the Window, Dr. Tim Chester identifies six promises the fantasy world of porn often makes to its viewers.

1. Respect
If we feel inadequate or rejected, our sinful hearts often crave respect, and porn offers that fantasy. In the fantasy world, we are worshipped by fantasy women or men.

2. Relationship
We want to be close to others, but we want to be the one in control. Porn gives us this illusion: we can feel “connected” but not have all the mess of a real relationship.

3. Refuge
When life is getting hard we want somewhere to escape, we want to pretend to be someone else or somewhere else. Porn gives us a fantasy world where we are never a failure: you always get to have the hot girl or guy, or you get to be the hot girl or guy.

4. Reward
In times when we are bored or when we feel like we’ve made great sacrifices, we often want to reward ourselves.

5. Revenge
In times of frustration and anger, we might turn to porn as an act of revenge against another person (like our spouse who isn’t having sex with us when we want) or against God (who isn’t giving us the life we want).

6. Redemption
In times of guilt and self-loathing, the fantasy world of porn offers false redemption. Porn is a way to indulge our dark world of self-pity.

These are the false promises of porn, and for each person it is a little different. Just one of these might ring true for some people. For others, several or all of them ring true.

God’s Better Promises
But when it comes to breaking free, we need the better promises of the gospel to trump the power of sin. Breaking free from lust is ultimately about faith: will you believe God or porn?

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