Ball State University President Imposes Gag Order on Scientists Supportive of Intelligent Design 08/06/2013

Discovery Institute, Tessa Rath
In a blatant attack on academic freedom and the unfettered consideration of scientific viewpoints, the president of Ball State University (BSU) in Muncie, IN, has imposed a gag order on science faculty forbidding their discussion of the theory of intelligent design (ID) in science classrooms.

Now BSU's President Jo Ann Gora has declared that ID is a "religious" idea at variance with "the consensus of science scholars" and may not be discussed in science classes, since that would be a violation of "academic integrity."

"In the Orwellian world of Ball State's president, academic freedom apparently means only the 'freedom' to support the majority's view," said Dr. John West, associate director of the Center for Science & Culture. "This is exactly how the academic 'consensus' against the theory of intelligent design is maintained -- by intimidation, fiat, and legal threats."

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Blogger ratamacue76 comments:
This is pretty ridiculous. If the these professors were so confident in their belief in molecules to man evolution and big bang theory of the universe they would allow for discussion. But just as evolution is the foundation of a humanist secular worldview where right and wrong are subjective they also know that intelligent design eventually leads to creation which is the foundation for a worldview involving God and a clear structure of what is right and wrong. And they can't have that on their watch, so they put a gag order on the truth. Honestly, this sort of information/discussion censorship reminds me of the stories of the Russian gov't we would hear from missionaries who were behind the Iron Curtain.

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