Tattoo Regret Becomes the Latest Trend 08/06/2013

by Moody Adams
The tattoo fad has spread as people got them to express their individuality. Now that they all look alike they are having them removed for the same reason. Removal is expensive, costing into the thousands of dollars. And it is painful.

Blogger Erica of Melbs says, "I had my ex's name removed over a two year period (I was 19, give me a break). It's like paying thousands for someone to torture you. SO PAINFUL! Plus you get to enjoy the smell of your burning flesh. I don't regret the removal though, the pain was worth it - I'm all clear!"

Blogger lb of Ipswich writes, "If you get stupid tattoos then you deserve what comes. Really, if you need a tattoo to remember your wife/husbands name then there really is no hope. In general, if you ask a member of the opposite sex before you get the tattoo if the reason you want it is valid then that is a good starting point. Girls, ask a guy if a tattoo above your butt looks sexy and guys ask a girl if a tattoo on your arm look tough. When you get told no to both of these questions then that should be your decision made."

Louise Smith said, "I got them done when I was very young and definitely believed that I would love them forever and would never regret them. I didn't think about my future and how I might change my view on my tattoos as I matured".

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