Prophecy About Jerusalem Being Fulfilled Today 08/13/2013

Bible prophecy: Luke 21:23-24
Prophecy written: During the first century
Prophecy fulfilled: Currently being fulfilled

Jesus prophesied that the Gentiles, which is a word that refers to non-Jews, would trample upon Jerusalem until the end times.

It is interesting to note that when Jesus gave this prophecy during the first century of this era, the Jews had considerable control over the city of Jerusalem, even though they were forcibly incorporated into the Roman Empire. The Jews had a Temple in Jerusalem and were able to carry out various Temple functions associated with Judaism.

But, about 40 years after Jesus prophesied about Gentiles trampling upon Jerusalem, the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple and forced Jews into exile. Even today, nearly 2,000 years later, the Jews still do not have enough control over Jerusalem to rebuild their Temple on the Temple Mount.

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