The Merciless Killing of 300 Worshipers Reveals Most Muslims Are Pretenders 11/26/2017

Moody Adams
On Friday, the Muslim holy day, terrorist launched an attack that killed over 300 worshipers. ISIS is considered to be responsible. It reveals a dark secret of the Islamic faith.

The deadly attack at a mosque in Egypt on Friday focused attention on a common, yet sometimes-controversial Islamic tradition: Sufism.

Sean Rossman says of Sufism, “They have leadership, typically a master, teacher or leader, and usually meet in mosques or houses, Awad said. They place emphasis on the character of the prophet Mohammed, including his literal and material practices. They also celebrate Mohammed's birthday, which some Muslims don't.”

Sufism is one of three major divisions in the Islamic faith. The other two are Sunnis, who believe the members should select Muhammad’s replacement. Shia, or Shiites, believe in a blood line leader of Muhammad.
Much of the bloody attacks in the Middle East are the result of Sunnis, predominant in Syria, fighting Shiites, predominant in Iran.

The members of all three Muslim groups are disqualified from the Islamic faith by their Holy Koran. It declares followers of the true faith are to “Have nothing to do with those who create divisions, such as the Shittes and Sunnis: Koran 6:159 says, “As to those who split up their religion and become sects, have thou nothing to do with them: their affair is with God only.”

The members of the three Muslims sects are all parts of a division within the faith. Instead of Paradise, they are promised ‘punishment.’

Koran15:94 says, “I am the only plain-spoken warner. We will punish those who foster divisions, who break up the Koran into parts: By thy Lord! we will surely take account from them and all, concerning that which they have done.”

Most of today’s Muslims, as members of divisions are promised punishment.

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