Catholics and Lutherans to Jointly Observe Reformation Anniversary 08/20/2013

by Moody Adams
"In an unprecedented move, Catholic and Protestant officials declared the approaching 500th anniversary of the Reformation (to take place in 2017) as a time for Catholics and Lutherans to “cooperate” and “find ways toward the future together,” according to a joint document released by the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). The awareness is dawning on Lutherans and Catholics that the struggle of the 16th century is over.” Reuters quoted the report as saying. “The reasons for mutually condemning each other’s faith have fallen by the wayside,” reports the World Tomorrow.

Martin Luther led the break with the Catholic Church due to their salvation through the works of the church. Thousands of Protestants were killed by the Catholics. Now, it may all end in vain, as the two move towards reuniting.

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