South African Pastors Show How Damaging the ‘Prosperity Gospel” is 08/20/2013

by Christian Post
Thuso Kewana, a ministry leader living in impoverished South
Africa, says “he can be silent no longer about the damaging effects of the prosperity
gospel, an American export he believes is unbiblical and used by wolves in sheep's
clothing to prey on mostly charismatic and Pentecostal Christians not only in his
country, but around the world.”

Kewana, says this false Gospel teaches that they must send money to TV pastors to be blessed of God.
"People are leaving churches. Some practice fellowship in their homes, but some leave the church
and go back to their old lifestyles. Some leave to stay at home and do nothing,"
Thuso writes in "Where Are We Heading To?"

The book critiques the "obsession" of some pastors for material things and large
congregations." Kewana adds in his book. "The greed for worldly wealth, huge church membership
numbers, and fame form the cornerstone of such dissatisfaction engulfing the congregants
and encouraging them to leave the church of God.”

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