Islam's Sexual Harassment of the Biblical Mary 12/05/2017

World Net Daily
A video Trump re-tweeted showed a Muslim destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary. “This drew the attention of Jewish scholar Dr. Andrew Bostom, who noted in a tweet Thursday that some Muslim scholars over the years have promulgated a peculiar view of Mary’s position in heaven.

“Bostom attached a hadith that has been cited by some scholars at the authoritative Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, to say that the Islamic prophet Muhammad likely took Mary as one of his wives in “paradise.”

Islam believes Mary was and ever will be a virgin, says Dr. Mark Christian, a former imam from Cairo who converted to Christianity in his late 20s and moved to the United States, where he founded the Global Faith Institute.”

“Islam also does not believe in the biblical story of Joseph taking Mary as his wife,” Dr. Christian told WND.
Since Joseph does not exist in the Quran, it opens the door to strange Islamic scenarios regarding Mary in the afterlife. One must remember that, in Islam, women receive their just rewards in heaven largely through their husbands.

“The idea of Mohammed marrying Mary in heaven, it’s not something all the imams talk about, but it is out there in the hadith that has a mid-level of credibility,” Christian told WND.

Dr. Mark Christian grew up in a prominent Muslim family in Egypt and converted to Christianity as an adult.
Islam is a carnal religion at its core, he said, lacking the deep spirituality offered by Christianity, where Christ seeks to “commune” with his followers and be in relationship with them.

“Islam is all about rewarding people in heaven with the splendors found here on earth, and for this reason the Quran is very sensual, very materialistic,” Christian said. “The Islamic heaven is all about eating and drinking and having sex.”
So it only stands to reason that the best man to ever walk the earth, Muhammad, would be united in the afterlife with the best women – even if some of those women have to be stolen from other faiths.

“Respect for other faiths has not been part of Islam over the ages,” Christian said. “They don’t respect the Jewish prophets on their own merit, as presented in the Jewish Bible, but want to twist these prophets’ messages to their own benefit in a way that furthers the cause of Islam.”

For instance, Abraham bestowed his blessing to Ishmael in the Quran, not Isaac as in the Jewish Bible.


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