Evolutionist Fail to Provide any Proof of Their Theory 08/27/2013

Imagine having a worldview that permits rape, murder, homosexuality, pornography, abortion, blasphemy and adultery.
Now imagine this worldview being taught to generation after generation and how it would eventually destroy the foundations of any nation.

And imagine if it was taught as legitimate science.

Such is Darwinian evolution, according to the maker of a new DVD, who contends the theory helped form the ideological foundation for Hitler’s Holocaust and the effort to rid America of God and any moral accountability.

It’s Christian evangelist Ray Comfort’s “Evolution vs. God,” a DVD that has become one of the hottest topics online.
It has already been viewed online more than half a million times.

And in just a little over a week, more than 110,000 DVDS have been sold.

There’s no argument for absolutely forbidding murder, rape and homosexuality, since man is just an animal.
“‘Evolution vs. God’ shows that there’s no evidence for Darwinian evolution – that it rests on nothing but blind faith,” Comfort said.

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