The Rock & Roll Party Christ 04/14/2015

A large percentage of Contemporary Christian Music artists worship a rock & roll party Christ.

In his Live ... Radically Saved video Carman says, “Jesus is always cool; He’s got his thing together.” Carman blasphemously imitated the Lord Jesus walking along in a hip-jive manner, doing “the Messiah walk.” In Resurrection Rap, Carman portrays Jesus as a street hippie. In The Standard album, he calls Jesus “J.C.”; and in “Come into This House” on the Addicted to Jesus album, Carman speaks of “Jammin’ with the Lamb.”

Petra claims that “God gave rock and roll to you/ Put it in the soul of every one.”

In “Party in Heaven” the Daniel Band sang, “The Lamb and I are drinkin’ new wine.”

Phil Driscoll says, “God is the King of Soul; He’s the King of all rhythm” (quoted by Tim Fisher, Battle for Christian Music, p. 82).

Messiah Prophet Band says, “Jesus is the Master of Metal,” and Barren Cross says, “Better than pot, Jesus rocks.”

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