The 14-year-old Pakistani boy who was Burned alive for Being a Christian 05/05/2015

Noman Masih, the 14-year-old Pakistani boy who was burned alive by a group of Muslim youths earlier in April and died from his injuries was targeted because he admitted that he was a Christian, watchdog group International Christian Concern has said.

The group shared Masih's own words from his hospital bed: "I have neither enemies, nor a dispute with anybody in the area I live. My tailor master asked me to go to the nearest market for some work and, on my way, [a] few men stopped me, asking my name and religion. I gave them my name and identified my religion as Christian. It was Friday prayers time and not many people [were] on the road."

Police Deny Slain Pakistani Christian Boy's Recorded Statement Saying He Was Burned for His Faith; Video Reveals His Testimony Was Given (Watch)

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