Supreme Court Ruling Means Homosexuals Have the Legal Right to Kill Each Other 06/16/2015

Moody Adams
The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that Texas' ban on sodomy was unconstitutional giving Texans legal right to engage in a sex act that has proven it kills them.

The high courts decision was not a homosexual issue. Sodomy is the act of choice for more and more heterosexual rapists, child molesters and even married couples. Nor is it a privacy issue, sodomy kills people. It is a health issue.

Ken Connors, an activist for family values, says two percent of Texas makes up 60 percent of all the deadly AIDS cases. The two percent are homosexuals who practice sodomy. Dr. H.C. Derrick says you cannot penetrate the human anus, not even in an examination, without causing tears that can expose the blood stream to deadly germs and bacteria.

Dr Jeffrey Satinover says: "anal intercourse, penile or otherwise, traumatizes the soft tissues of the rectal lining. These tissues... are nowhere near as sturdy as vaginal tissue. As a consequence, the lining of the rectum is almost always traumatized to some degree by any act of anal intercourse. Even in the absence of major trauma, minor or microscopic tears in the
rectal lining allow for immediate contamination and the entry of germs into the bloodstream."

"Furthermore, comparable tears in the vagina are not only less frequent because of the relative toughness of the vaginal lining, but the environment of the vagina is vastly cleaner than that of the rectum. Indeed, we are designed with a nearly impenetrable barrier between the bloodstream and the extraordinarily toxic and infectious contents of the bowel. Anal intercourse creates a breach in this barrier for the receptive partner, whether or not the insertive partner is wearing a condom."

In addition to the trauma of intercourse, semen can eat away at the intestinal lining. This allows a person to "infect themself" as the bacteria from their feces enter the blood stream.

As a result of this, a man is 2,700 times more likely to get an HIV infection from anal intercourse than he is from vaginal intercourse.

Anal intercourse is so dangerous, the United Kingdom Blood Transfusion Service will not accept blood from any man who has ever had sex with another man, even if they were practicing 'safe sex' with a condom.

Regarding safe sex, even condom manufacturers advise against anal intercourse. The condom company, Durex, said in October 2000 : "Anal intercourse is a high-risk activity because of the potential for infection from STDs including HIV transmission. Currently, there are no specific standards for the manufacture of condoms for anal sex. Current medical advice is therefore to avoid anal sex. However, whenever this advice is not followed, the medical profession recommends that stronger condoms should be used although studies have shown that there is still a risk of breakage and slippage."

One study calculated that 32% of condoms broke and 21% slipped during anal intercourse. The researchers pointed out that "condoms manufactured in the United States generally are labeled "for vaginal use only."

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