Former Missionary for Muslims, now Missionary to Muslims 06/23/2015

by Moody Adams
“Abraham Sarker from Bangladesh, a former Muslim missionary, now leads Gospel for Muslims in Irving, Texas,” says Baptist Standard writer Kaitlin Chapman. “After reading the Bible and meeting with a missionary at his campus, he chose to become a follower of Christ. And his life radically changed.”

“I was a Muslim missionary, but now I am using the Muslim mission strategy to reach others for Christ,” Sarker said. “The Muslim strategy is to impact a community economically, religiously and politically. Now, this is my strategy to reach Muslims for Christ.”

Sarker, who has been beaten and rejected by some family members, leads a group of ex-Muslims with the goal of helping them mature to the point where they would stand up and proclaim Christ’s name—even if it meant risking death.

A member of the Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas says, “Now we have nine out of the 15 in our group who are committed to do whatever it takes to help reach Muslims for Christ,” he said.

Since the Koran demands the death penalty for conversion, these ex-Muslims are willing to die for Christ.

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