Four Reasons Same-sex Marriage Can Destroy Our Nation 06/30/2015

Rebecca Hagelin
There are four reasons the same sex marriages endorsed are a serious threat to our nation.

One, people who find sexual gratification and companionship in a same sex marriage do not produce children. If enough people follow this indulgence the human race could be diminished or even destroyed. (Our nation is already below the replacement birthrate).

Two, same sex relations lower the birth rate and thereby devastate the economy. In Europe, where homosexual families and abortion are accepted, the birth rate has dropped below the "replacement level." This is forcing these countries to raise taxes and encourage massive immigration. This cripples the economy and radically changes the culture.

Three, a nation not only needs enough children, but they also need children who are physically, emotionally and morally healthy. History demonstrates this is best done in a man-woman family. (anything else treatens the quality of the next generation).

Four, same-sex marriages open a Pandora's Box with absurd substitutes for a man-woman relationship. If radical judges see limiting marriage to those who reproduce and train our future citizens, where will it all stop. Will we be able to discriminate against a man who wants to marry four wives? What happens if a woman who wants to wed her pet collie. Or, what do we say if a pedophile who wants to marry a 6-year-old? (These things increase the birthrate threat).

All of these can become destabilizing substitutes for the traditional family that is the nation's foundation.

Make no mistake about it. Same sex marriages will move America off her foundation onto an unknown slope that could end in a fatal crash. Only those more interested in satisfying their perverted passions than preserving our nation's future can support homosexual marriages.

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