Eagle Scout Heroes in Amtrak Derailment Presesnts Christmas Message 12/19/2017

The Seattle Times /Moody Adams
An Eagle Scout who crawled through shattered train cars to aid injured passengers after a deadly Amtrak crash south of Seattle was among the heroes from the tragedy Monday. Daniel Konzelman told The Seattle Times he was driving to work with his girlfriend, Alicia Hoverson, when he noticed a train hurtling along the tracks paralleling Interstate 5 before the tracks curve up and over the highway.
“I looked up and saw the train was hanging off,” Konzelman said. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this was major.'”
Konzelman, 24, earned the rank of Eagle Scout a few years ago and said he was able to tap into his first-aid training. He and Hoverson helped some of the injured walk down a slope to the interstate in the pre-dawn darkness.
Then he and a police officer began climbing into the battered rail cars helping people injured or trapped in the wreckage. They found a train attendant who was unable to move.
“He was shivering and freezing from shock,” Konzelman said. They helped him and more than a dozen other victims, he told the Times.
It took a horrible tragedy of death to bring the true Christmas message to us. Jesus not only risked His life, He gave it to rescue us from death. He was more concerned about us than Himself. He died so we wouldn’t. Jesus rescues all who receive His grace.

1 Corinthians 5:7 “… For even Christ … is sacrificed for us:

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