Prince Harry’s Wedding Was a Ridiculous Mockery of Marriage 05/23/2018

Moody Adams
The night-before accommodations: Although Harry and Meghan have been living together in Nottingham Cottage, his Kensington Palace since she moved to London last year, they'll be following tradition and spending the night before the wedding in separate accommodations, the palace announced.

Divine marriage is an indissoluble relationship. The Bible says, “For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be* one flesh?” (Matthew 19:5). Markle was already married to another man and that marriage cannot be dissolved unless one of the parties was already guilty of sex with someone else.
That marriage cannot be dissolved, allowing either party to remarry, unless it can be proven beyond doubt that one or both parties had sex before their marriage.

This holds true even if the party they first had sex with is a harlot. “What? know ye not that “he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh” (1 Corinthians 6:16).

Their sin was compounded, not corrected, by being separated the night before their supposed wedding. God commanded, “Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempts you not for your incontinency” (1 Corinthians 7:5). They spent the time feasting, instead of fasting.

The head of England’s church completely ignores the Scripture’s teaching and proclaim the authority of man over the authority of God.

God delights in forgiving a person for this if they will only repent. Repentance clears the slate of all sins, you are as pure as the day you were born. Repentance means they stop sleeping with the person they married illegally. Tragically, these people are continuing to live together!

Unfortunately, they are teaching teenagers around the world that Biblical marriage, God, the Bible or public opinion do not matter. They can ignore them all and end up wealthy, famous and the most admired person in their church. Sad.

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