'Baby Parts' Orders Show Requests for Brains, Head 07/21/2015

Moody Adams
A video revealing Planned Parenthood is conducting abortions in a manner that would preserve fetal organs intact is shocking the nation.

The Human Capital Project of the Center for Medical Progress showing a Planned Parenthood doctor relating how they preserved organs from aborted babies and then sold them for organ replacements.

Murders are soaring in major cities across America.

Euthanasia is mpw Legal in 8 countries:. Belgium, Colombia, India, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, and in the United States' Oregon, Washington, Montana and Vermont.

These show life is no longer sacred, people are no longer seen as Divine Creations in the image of God.

Proponents of euthanasia declare, “their life is not worth living.” Breakpoint wrote, ““Not worth living.” Where have we heard that before? Well, I’ll tell you: the Nazis viewed the disabled as Lebensunwertes Leben, “life unworthy of life.” Between 1939 and 1941, more than 70,000 intellectually and physically disabled people were exterminated, the opening act in the Nazis demonic assault on the sanctity of human life.”

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