Can Syria Ignite Armageddon? 07/28/2015

Moody Adams
David Brooks, the New York Times columnist, identifies "the biggest threat to world peace right now" as "the possibility of a wave of sectarian strife building across the Middle East." One British politician is warning that the conflict in Syria raises "the spectre of a third world war." Another news outlet headlines: "Could Syria ignite World War 3?"

This alarming report comes from Jim Denison, a Christian Post columnist.

Iranian lawmakers are warning that a military strike on Syria would lead to an attack on Israel. The commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards warns that an American attack on Syria "will result in the imminent destruction of the Zionist regime of Israel.

"Israelis lined up last week to get gas masks. They are taking a possible attack seriously.

This is one more match threatening to ignite the Middle East into a world war.

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