Good News! Bold American Teens Stand for Jesus 09/15/2015

Greg Corombos
'There is a cost to discipleship that these young people are paying and are willing to pay'

A new generation of American Christians is setting an example for courage in the midst of an increasingly hostile culture, and the rest of the nation needs to follow that lead if the most cherished of our founding principles are to be preserved, according to Family Research Council President Tony Perkins.

Perkins is also author of the new book, “No Fear: Real Stories of a Courageous New Generation Standing for Truth,” which focuses on little-known stories of mostly young Americans fighting back against the infringement of their rights to free religious expression.

Included in the book is a chapter on high-school students who defied orders not to pray at commencement, another who recorded the anti-Christian lectures of a history professor and released them, and another on the 14-year-old pageant contestant who testified against same-sex marriage. Several other stories are shared as well, each of which Perkins connects to an episode of courage in the Bible.

Perkins said there are plenty of example of courage in each generation, but he is especially encouraged by the boldness of young believers.

“We told that religion and this orthodox view of sexuality or this orthodox view of living out your faith, that’s the over-50 crowd,” Perkins said. “In reality, what we’re finding about young people is a greater commitment in devotion to the truth.”

He added, “It means something for them to say, ‘I follow Jesus.’ There is a cost to discipleship that these young people are paying and are willing to pay today that we’ve not seen in times past.”


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