Abortion is all About Selfishness--Me, Me, Me 10/13/2015

By Bryan Fisher
All selfish! Not one of these women thought of adoption. Oh no, I couldnít give my baby away to a loving family, I would much rather kill it. It would be too hard ON ME to give it away and a chance at a real life.

Donít want to be a single parent? Put it up for adoption. Think it will interfere with school or the ability to care for other dependents? Put it up for adoption. Having problems with your husband? Get the heck out and put the baby up for adoption.

The woman here all had the authority to make sure their child had the best possible family even if it wasnít with them, but they decided their pride was more important. They decided that whatever made their life easier was paramount.

No consideration to the unborn child in them. No consideration to the life that fought its way into existence. It is all
about me, me, me. No one ever stops to think that this child could change their life in a wonderful, fundamental way

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