We Sent American College Students a Half Million Emails Last Week 11/09/2015

The following email is meant to make youth question the Koran which is used to recruit American youth to join ISIS:

What does the Koran say man made from?

The Koran declares man was made from 6 different things, contradicting itself.

1. Dust, 3:59: Adam . . . He created out of dust (30:20, 35:11).
2. Water, 21:30: By means of water we gave life to everything (also 24:45, 25:54).
3. A blood clot, 96:1: Thy Lord who created, Created man from CLOTS OF BLOOD”
4. Clay, 15:26: We created man of dry clay.
5. Earth, 11:61: He hath raised you up out of the earth.
6. A moist germ, 16:4: Man hath He created from a moist germ (also 75:37).

If the Koran contradicts itself, could God have written it?

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