Why Islam Should not be Granted any Religious Rights 11/20/2015

Islam is really a political party disguised as a religion. It teaches that no one but Allah has the right to judge, rule, or make laws for mankind, Koran 2:40 says: “God hath not sent down any warranty. Judgment (authority, the right to rule) belongeth to God alone. He hath bidden you worship none but Him.”

(Uthmani translates the passage, “There is no authority of anyone except that of Allah”)

This means they must not recognize any other government, any other laws; but only the Koran’s rules and laws.

Every Mosque teaches the Koran is the absolute authority. Every Muslim professes the Koran was written by God and it must be obeyed.

A Muslim must lie to say he will obey the laws of the U.S. in order to enter this country. Or, he must deny the Koran is God’s word.

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